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The Importance of Home Security System

The Importance of Home Security System

Why do we need a home security system?

When you look at your family, and your home, you know you want them to be safe, always out of harm’s way. You expect to come back to a smiling family, and to a home that is secure. But as they say, hope is not a strategy.

Many people overlook, ignore, and underestimate the need of taking appropriate home security measures.

Please take a minute and think about this; is this loss worth the risk?


Choose a security systems

The market is flooded with many types of security systems for households and businesses.  Typically, you will find major components such as a control panel, alarm, sensors, and detectors in a security system. Each component is integral to the system. You can opt for a wired security system or a wireless one, depending on your preference and budget.

Choosing a security system for your home is probably the trickiest part of the whole process. Since there are so many companies out there, selecting the best one can be difficult. It is always recommended that you go for a firm that is well-recognized and ranked among the best.

If you like to know more and arrange a meeting with a professional who will guide you and assist you, please contact us.

This is part of our service, as we understand the importance of having your country home secure and safe.

We will help you with translations and we guarantee a good price and service.


Protect you country house your family.

Contact us to know more

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Meeting at the DGA in Teruel

"Dealing with Spanish administration"

Buying a property in Spain it is indeed a great option for who dreams to live in real Spain, near to all the necessary day-to-day needs. We have been helping our customers since April 2008, when we started our own project buy creating Country Property in Spain.

For over 11 years, we have been helping our customers to develop their dreamed projects in a charming area in Aragon, Matarraña, region named by the CNN the Spanish Toscana. We have built many houses, and most important we have built a close relationship with our customers.

We "fight" for their rights and we look out for every single project that it's handled to the administration after been designed by the architect. This step has also made us to have a close relation with the local administration, as well as with higher up Governmental departments in Teruel.

Sometimes procedures can be exasperating, but we don't ever feel defeated, our compromise makes us keep on the loop, we do not fail on maintain on our personal "battle" to obtain the best and more optimized results for all the people who have put all their passion, illusion, money to have a house at the country side in Spain.

On the 2d October 2019,  David Suárez, Country Property in Spain GM, had another  meeting at the DGA offices in Teruel, a the meeting they were reunited: Benito Ros, Delegado del Gobierno en Teruel, Antonio Santa ISabel President of la Cámara de Comercio de Teruel and Santiago Ligros, General Secretary of the La Cámara de Comercio de Teruel.

We have a big compromise to keep on developing our customers projects, but we also have a deep belief that Matarraña, in Teruel, it is a prosperous area but we need the compromise of all the main actors in this necessary movement to make economic progress as well as increasing population in one of the most uninhabited areas in Spain.


View the embedded image gallery online at:
View the embedded image gallery online at:

Sustainable country houses in Spain - Drilling a borehole

Sustainable country houses in Spain

Water diviner, "Zahorí"

Yesterday as many times before we met our customers, the water diviner and ourselves to go through the one of the most happy and exciting moments before starting with the house project.

Finding underground water is indeed a magic moment. We are lucky as we have on our team, Juanito, a great man who has the power to find underground water, but he also has the power to confirm how many meters deep the water is, and he can guess if it is a water stream which means that water will last forever or it is a water bag that means that water will stop coming up the pump once the borehole will be done.


We have been drilling boreholes since 2008 as a part of our customers projects. In the areas where we do built most of the properties cannot be connected to mains son they 98% off grid country houses, these means that it is an essential and important thing the moment when we find water as this will permit the house to have potable water all year round.

Are you willing to live off grid the rest of your life?

Are you willing to buy a country property on a charming area in Spain?

Are you willing to build a sustainable country house in real Spain?

We can help you through all procedure.

The pictures on this post blog, were taken on the 19/09/2019 when we were at Sophia's and Glenn's property in charming Matarraña, where they are about to start their dreamed project, building a sustainable country house in real and charming Spain.

Would you like to sell your property?

Sell your property

Are you willing to sell your property? You don't where to start?

We can be the key to your concerns.

We offer you our web site for free to advert your property, house, apartment.

We will also load your property on Kyero web site and ThinKSpain as we already pay a month fee to advertise properties. All free if charge for you

We work on North-East Spain.

We will make things clear and easy.  

Diversity is the word, we can either help to find a nice property to start your dreamed project or we can help you to sell your project. We are here to help you.

We have been beside our customers since 2008, and our big aim is always make things easier for you, as we understand that been in a different country it is a big challenge itself for all of you.

If you have a property that you would like to sell, or if you have a house, apartment by the sea, countryside, just contact us.

We look forward to cooperating with you.

contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sandra Salvadó Abelló

Country Property in Spain

COO Chief Operating Officer

+34 687 94 12 86


Olive Oil - Mas del Capserri- Country House

Mas del Capserri

We always say that we are pleased to be part of our customers projects, we also say "you dream we make it happen" and it is 100% true. In this case, we are honored to share with you a lovely project that is based in Valderrobres Matarraña, north-east Spain.

Everything started in 2013 when Mark Morgan from London was willing to buy a nice property in a charming region, we met and straight away we felt that we could do great things together. Our goal was finding a nice country property where he could legally develop his project. Mas del Capserri near Valderrobres was the one. A great property surrounded by nature, not far from one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Mark with our projects Team, David our projects manager and Manel our architect designed his dreamed house. Our builders team Mr. Mo did the second part, building according to local legalities and  Marks wishes a beautiful house.

Mas del Capserri is now a reality, a lovely sustainable country house surrounded by nature, on a charming region, named by the CNN the Spanish Toscana.

On Mas del Capserri they care about the land product, Mark with the help of his family and local farmers has a great production of olives, so Capserri Olive oil is also now a reality, they  have built a web site where you can see more about them, and they started to sell olive oil in some gourmet shops in London.

Not enough with doing nice olive oil, keeping the house surrounding, caring about the area, helping the local economy Mas del Capserri will also be a nice B&B In the not too distant future, they plan to open their house to like-minded guests who wish to come and share their ideas and experience the many activities available in the Matarraña. These include walking, mountaineering, horse-riding, wild swimming, mountain biking and cycling. We can help you organize your daily adventures here in the Matarraña.

No it is just a matter, of time, and good attitude to be able to cope with all the procedure . Dreams come true, Mark Morgan and his family are owning a stunning country house and soon it will be open for the ones who likes holidays enjoying nature

Country Property in Spain feels happy and proud to be part of projects like Mas Capserri. We are pleased to have Mark Morgan and his family as part of our nice country property family. After all this years of confidences and trust it is much more than just a professional relation, we are friends.

This is what happens when projects are more than money and profits.

Do not hesitate in checking their web site and contacting them if you like to know more about their project in Spain. I am sure they will very pleased to help you, give you advise about how to do things nicely if you like to move to Spain.



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Country House Garden

 I guess that if you are reading this post if because you already have made many big decisions on regards of building a house in the country side, land maintenance and finally create a nice garden around the house.

Country Property in Spain, we do have the right professionals that could help you build a nice garden around you new sustainable country house.

There are many reasons why you should consider to do the house garden with a professional gardener. They will advise you about which plans and trees are best to plant on you property, depending on weather, if you are living whole year round or not. This above point are necessary to be considered as each soil, region, will have a specific characteristics, as well as the house owners will do.

On the pictures you can see the garden that our customer from French Guayana did in his house in North-East Spain. Once he made the decision to buy the property to build a sustainable country house, he decided that he wanted to restore the actual old manor house, then he wanted to care about the house surrounding. In one side, keeping the olives and almond trees, tilling the land, plow the trees, build a swimming pool, did the swimming pool cover and finally make a nice house surrounding, planting nice fruit trees, local plants, that could easily sustain the heat in summer and winter cold.

You can see the whole project in this link

Building up a nice garden surrounding your nice country house project it is like the icing on the cake.

To know more about gardening, building, projects, country houses, country properties, sustainable country houses and living in Spain, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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View the embedded image gallery online at:

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