We can help you to obtain your NIE number


Residency Registration in a town. The document must be less than 3 months old

Bank certificate

The monthly balance in the account over the last two or three months. Minimum amount on the account 8000€ , (also less than 3 months old)

Passport and Passport Photo

Original document

Health insurance

Which covers you for all medical needs in Spain and doesn't have to have copayments. One year paid ahead. 7

Form EX-20

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If you like to obtain your SPANISH RESIDENCE, please contact us

“David at Country Property was enormously helpful in obtaining my official Spanish residence. The first time I attempted to apply I was told at the Oficina de la Extranjeria that I didn’t need to do it, though the law requires EU citizens to register if they plan to stay more than 90 days and I wanted to have a date established for my eventual application for permanent residence. David accompanied me the second time, and despite some difficulties with the officials not recognizing my worldwide, international medical cover, managed to get an agreement that the residence registration would be processed. David actually collected it for me the next week as he was going to Teruel, so that I didn’t have to drive down again. That’s what I call service!”