Concrete dreams: 10 steps to success

“In recent years, the negative thoughts are more present in our lives and influence our actions. So do not condition our lives and environment, it is essential to strive to have a more positive attitude.”

Do you ever wondered what are the characteristics of people who are moving in his life strides, reaching achievements, while others remain in a more stagnant life, suffering from sadness or stress, and being unhappy?

You have thought this is what pushes / encourages others to glimpse a path of success, and achieve their dreams, while others struggle and fail, without forward?

Mental attitude for success

One of the most important aspects that distinguishes people successfully, is their way of thinking. They know precisely where they want to go and in which direction they need to take  to meet their goals. But how do they do?

Long time ago I read ” From Here to Greater Happiness or How to Change Your Life for Good! ” wrote by the doctors, Joel Marie Teutsch, and Champion K. Teutsch which try to show that the human mind has a power which can help to improve and even cure diseases, but above all, and the part that interests us in this post, is that our way of thinking has a direct effect. Pushes us like an invisible force to which we are able to more easily achieve happiness and a success life.

This is why it is so important to achieve success and to become happy we must start to change our consciousness (our way of thinking, our ways of dealing with the situations that we are coming or came unexpectedly…), and not forgetting that our negative and positive thoughts are conforming our personal conviction, which is founded in our subconscious mind, influencing our actions (behaviours) , attitudes, skills…


The importance of positive thoughts

“Optimism enrich the present, enhance the future, challenge the improbable and achieve the impossible”. William Arthur Ward

We need to wake up from our inner conviction of triumph (success, overcoming…), and so we need to change those negative expressions that sometimes escape us unconsciously, and don’t know the harm that we do, since they directly affect our self-esteem.

These words causes us fatigue and pessimism. They are nailing in our subconscious, and is proved to be able to alter our attitude (forms in which we face situations) and our behaviour.

So… out all the  “I can’t” goodbye to “is impossible”, enough to ” I am not able of…” etc.!, we must believe more on ourselves and remove those negative words on our phrases and we will see how we turn towards a more positive attitude that causes a favourable reaction with us and other people.

“Success comes when we admit that we are not perfect, and not when we try to be perfect all the time, thinking all the time that we will never be good enough.” Mastiff

Dreams are illusions motivating but intangible. The goals are specific routes with definite shape, determined in time for its creation and fulfilment.

To achieve a successful life and be happy, we must not allow that our dreams are only an illusion. Turn them into reality!


10 steps to success

“Concrete dreams”

We know that there are people who achieve their goals and others that do not.

What is the difference between both types of person? Do you think that maybe some are  luckier person? The fate has conspired to make one is happy and the other not?

Certainly the place, environment, time in which we are born influences a percentage to a few people in front of others have more chances of success, but all have come to this world with a backpack loaded with skills and wonderful capabilities to develop and create possibilities of happiness and success.

For this I recommend the following steps:

  1. define your / goal: think of all the areas of your life (leisure, work, family…) and select one of them that you consider the higher priority compared to other. Then define the objective that you want to achieve on that area. What is what you most want? A goal should be:
    • measurable
    • Specific
    • Tangible
    • achievable
    • Our goals must have a specific date. This is important because we give formality to our achievements.
  2. display: (imagine) your goal already achieved. This allows you to experience the feeling of accomplishment, joy and achievement, as we will keep with the motivation, focus and conviction that is close to the realization of our dream.
  3. SWOT: (Studies – strengths-opportunities) both weaknesses and strengths depend entirely on us, are characteristics and skills we have and excite in us (strengths) or limit us (weaknesses) in the achievement of our goal. The opportunities facing us to achieve an objective, in contrast to the weaknesses and the fortresses, these “do not depend on totally”  on us since the environment has a high influence.
  4. outline a PLAN: specific to reach the point where you are right now where you want to reach, with the tools you have at your fingertips.
  5. divide your goal: in small smaller activities/actions (steps you are going to give). Divide the plan in small stages will help to accomplish your goal easily. We get in life goals so long term that, in many cases, we ended up dispersing us and throwing on top of  us, cold water. The key is to divide it into small steps.
  6. plan: We must put dates to each of the steps. That is, schedule them, assigning dates of compliance (to create a commitment on our part) to each of the above activities/actions.
  7. monitor: to know if we are doing the task well. This should generate deliverables elements, allowing you to see the evolution of your project of happiness and success, for example: A contract signed, your account balance, diploma or certificate from your training.
  8. asks for help: in our process of happiness and success we are not alone (people who want us, people who are in our environment) and is good and recommended to request assistance to persons involved in the process of our goal range. Keep in continuous and regular contact with people who have dreams, goals, plans and strategies related to yours, you will keep with the approach at the highest level and perhaps you can find support, new ideas to get more soon and alliances that complement your project.
  9. focus: it will be easier to start our steps towards the achievement of our goal, with topics that we most like or that we are more easily, nobody has said that achieving success and happiness is easy, but will be more entertaining and motivating if we focus our vital energy and all our being to one or two projects at the same time to prevent us to disperse.
  10. discipline: perseverance will be one of the critical skills at the time of your success, every day waking up early to continue with your project, carries out the activities that you have planned, hard-hitting be forceful with your decision to be happy and successful, this involves creating new habits, and often learn about what we have been doing so far.

Do not try to succeed and be happy. Do it! It depends on us to help and push our destiny.


“The worst step to take it’s the first one. When we are ready for an important decision, all forces are concentrated so that we keep going forward. We are already accustomed to this. It is an old law of Physics: breaking the inertia is difficult. As we cannot change the physics, focus the extra energy and we will be able to take the first step. Then the same path helps.” Paulo Coelho

Happiness is not a life without problems, but the strength to overcome the problems that arise. Our attitude in the key (the form in which we face situations) to achieve our dreams to become a reality with success.

I leave you an interesting video of Brian Tracy, about the power of positive thoughts.