7 ideas to fill your Country House with positive energy

To create good energy at your country house;  how can we do it? in the next post, I propose 7 ideas to fill your House with positive energy to live in a pleasant and friendly environment.

“You attract the energy you give off. Spread good vibes. Think positively. Enjoy life.”

1. the first and most important is to treat your home with respect. At the end of the day it is your refuge, or at least it should be. I think that it is a place where you want to spend comforting and happy time. It ideally would be as far as possible, let the bad vibes out. The key to achieve this is to turn it into a space that inspires you and you relax, so that when you open the door of your house does not want you to pull your hairs because what you are seeing makes you nervous. Each one has its own formula to achieve this objective, but I am have proved that what works best for me is that the house is neat, clean and without many things in the midle. An idea that works for me is to invite people who I love home to create good moments together. Objective welcome and loving energy ON 😉


2 air, air, air. To keep the energy flowing we need the air to be renewed. Now that the temperatures are still relatively pleasant is normal that everything is open and air can  circulate, but once when starts to be really cold, it is also very important to keep the air circulating. Though is cold, remember to open windows for at least five minutes a day to make the House air renew. You will notice the effect immediately.


3 plants. Plants cleans the air, is something that we known since time . They also make rooms much more warm and friendly.

Ansammlung von Pflanzen hauptsächlich Sukkulenten und Kakteen

Ansammlung von Pflanzen hauptsächlich Sukkulenten und Kakteen

4. Burn Sage, rosewood or incense. The white Sage leaves were used in native American cultures to drive away the negative energy of a space. Its leaves are sold in clusters or in some ecological shops, ready to burn. The origin of the Palo Santo is very old, as it was used by the Inca shamans in their rituals as a tool to attract good luck and ward off any signs of negativity. Also sold in sticks format, and as is the same case with Sage, must ignite them and shake them after a few seconds of flame and smoke they dealt by the environment. Incense needs less presentations, as have being used for the recent times in our country  to improve concentration, purify the environment, create a sense of intimacy… all depends on the ingredients with which it is made. By the way, think that the components of the incense will enter your body through your airway, so unless you seduce the idea of inhaling toxic tries to buy incense quality and made with natural ingredients.


5. Himalayan salt lamps. Do you know that the air we breathe in our House is more polluted than outdoor air? This is because electrical devices, pollution and chemicals that populate our houses increases the amount of positive ions from the atmosphere. These ions can cause headaches, stress, irritability, insomnia and even anxiety. Himalayan salt lamps emit negative ions that counteract the positive effect, creating a healthier environment. Coastal areas have a much higher concentration of negative ions, hence the feeling of well-being that often invade us when we are close to the sea…


6. Crystals. It is always good idea to keep different types of crystals and minerals in different corners of the house. Each has its properties, but generally they protect and maintain a clean stay power, and although this is not verifiable… they are so pretty that basically it really does not matter if it’s true or not : Ideally, place them over the bed, at the entrance of busiest gates and in places where you usually receive visits.  You should also clean and purify them from time to time, especially if there has been some sad or problematic event at home. There are several methods to do this (also depends on the type of glass), either you can immerse them in water, salt or leave them outdoors during the full moons. My Favourites are the clear quartz, Amethyst, fluorite.


7. Candles. They could not be missed. I think it is a pretty way to welcome visitors and provide a warm light to the environment. We must know what are made our candles: most commercial candles have as main component the paraffin, which is a derivative of oil at the end that when burning emits quite dodgy substance you probably prefer not to inhale. Whenever you can opt for candles of beeswax or and scented with essential oils.