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Mas de red dragon, Sandra, Brian and Steve from Wales.

Sandra, Brian and Steve contact Country Property in 2011 and they bought their dream property in 2012. This New Year 2013 we have started their dreamed house, where they will develop their business project. A family camping site, called THE RED DRAGON. The property is in Calaceite in the Matarraña region, in Aragon. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. MAS THE RED DRAGON it will be the new home for Brian’s, Sandra’s and Steve and with their work, they will promote the area and join the community.

Once again, Country Property is developing the project holding hands with our customers, making sure that their way in Spain until they get their dreamed house is smoothly and successfully happy. We will handle out the keys house in July so very soon they will enjoy the nature surround on their new bright house in the countryside in Spain. COUNTRY PROPERTY YOUR DREAM WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.

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