When you wager for your project in Spain

Build your dream project

Step forward to your goal,  wager for your project

Everybody at least once in life seems to have a crazy idea, this kind of idea that all your relative and friends suggest that you are demented when you explain to them your plan.

But basically great opportunities and big success are usually the result of a foolish idea.

We had a barmy idea in 2007 when we started a business where there wasn’t a demand, and then our customers now, followed their intuition and made a great decision by buying a country property on this charming spot in Spain, Matarraña, where you can legally build your dreamed country home.


Sometimes things take longer that you aspect, sometimes moving to another country it might be as easier than you aspect, “but when the wish is big the strength becomes powerful”.

Open the road to a new way has two sides, the grateful side, and the difficult side. But this is live and if you know how to wait and how to proceed by being well advised by a great and professional team the grateful side becomes more popular and takes more room on the final proportion of the result.

So the most important is; to find a great area where you can legally develop your project, find a great spot in the property chosen where to build you dream house or business and start walking along with a professional adviser.


Focus on the good things about the project path, be attentive to a new possibilities in the area, when you chose to build your dream country residential on a prosperous region, means that there is a lot to do and develop and lots to offer to a new visitors.

Building up a sustainable country home surrounded by nature, rent out the house when you are not there, or if you like move to Spain and start your B&B business.

You decide if you like to bet for a prosperous region like Matarraña where you can legally develop your project, or if you like to start your dreamed project in a develop area.


Would you rather chose to start or you prefer to follow. We like to start things off this is why we decided to wager for a prosperous region like Matarraña in Teruel, Aragon bordering with Catalonia. Where residential houses and business are allowed. 

Do whatever you do in life do it convinced and with your hard full of honesty and gratitude. The rest will come along with life.

In few years time when you will look back you will feel the joy of being part of a great project that gave a remote but prosperous region the chance of progress.

Build up your dreams near by the Natural Park Els Ports de Beceit, access to the green track, surrounded by nature, eighteen small charming villages, not far from big cities and well connected to airport. The best of it all is that administration give you the tools to legally develop your dreamed project.

If you like to know more about the project, please contact us

You dream we make it happen