Country Porperty in Spain is part of 113 SOS Teruel project

Since November 2018.

The project "S.O.S. Teruel 113 Gathers local companies that will be locomotives for territorial revitalization, raises an ambitious goal of 113 new companies distributed in  Teruel province so that the benefit is shared among the largest number of towns and parts of the territory.

Thank you to the Diputación de Teruel, to his president Ramón Millán Piquer for welcoming us and let us be part of this encouraging project to make Teruel grow.

Thank you also to Luis Muñoz, Chief of the European office in Teruel for thinking on us to be part of this encouraging project.

From Country Property in Spain we will keep bringing new neighbours to the area, working for the local progress and helping the rural areas to be again on the map.