10 plants that attract positive energies

“When aloe vera grows and is vital, it is because it is attracting good luck. On the other hand, if it fades, it is because it has absorbed the bad energy, protecting us”

Plants have been included since long ago in the house spaces decoration, office, business, among others, that in addition to giving a very fresh and natural touch to these places, also believes that they improve the flow of energy positive, with the ability to avoid the negative energies.

According to experts, certain plants have more capacity to promote positive energies and give us a sense of well-being every day, in comparison with others. It should be noted that these plants must be natural plants, they  must be in a pot and give them special care. Making this clear, then we share the top 10 plants to attract positive energies.

1) Cactus

The cactus are very beautiful and give you a very special decorative touch to spaces in our home or office. It is a plant that requires special maintenance care and is said that they have the ability to move envies, hackers, malicious persons, hypocrites and absorbs bad electro-magnetic energies of appliances.

2) Peppermint

In addition to being a plant with many health benefits, the Mint has also been used to protect before curses and the envy of others. Peppermint is the welfare plant and it is believed that those who have a fresh Peppermint plant, attract economic prosperity.

3) Bamboo

Bamboo has become fashionable to decorate the houses, because in addition to give a sophisticated touch to our room, also it has become popular to attract good energy. Said that bamboo integrates growth and water, offering the purity, transparency, and the life. If you have this plant in your home will give you a feeling of well-being, tranquillity and takes away the envy.


“According to traditional Feng Shui, Bamboo plant is used to attract, health, happiness, love and abundance”

4) Jasmine

Jasmine is known as the flower of the couple, because it benefits the relationships in the spiritual field. Recommended to have this plant in the room. In spaces that are shared with the partner, since it attracts good energies to strengthen the relationship and romance.


5) Rosemary

Rosemary is a plant with medicinal benefits that have been used since ancient times in many cultures. At a spiritual level, this plant is known to attract sincere love and happiness. Besides having a fresh rosemary silver at home, also put a few sprigs of Rosemary in fabric bags and distribute them in several spaces of the house to attract the loyalty of those around you is recommended.


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

6) Mint

Mint is a plant with many medicinal properties that we can get to make at any time. Keep this plant at home not only guarantees a good ally for health, but it promotes the positive vibrations in any environment. It’s said that Mint fought the bad vibes and helps fight insomnia. It can also help to improve communication in the house.


7) Thyme

Thyme is a plant which since ancient times has been used to clean the spaces of the bad vibes. This plant is considered as a purifying, as combat the bad energy, prevents nightmares and promotes self-esteem. Having it at home ensures protection of the house and its habitants.



8) Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are known for their beauty and provide a sense of well-being at home. This plant promotes happiness and good mood, so it is recommended for areas where constant tension is generated I discussions. Chrysanthemums is related to a life of relaxation.


9) Eucalyptus

This plant has the ability to combat and remove the bad vibes, that almost always come with envious or malicious people. Recommended for business or office, as it is a plant that attracts prosperity. It is also ideal to sleep better and free spaces of heavy energy.


10) Aloe Vera

It is a plant used in the ritual against bad luck and envy, because it is said that it is one of the strongest to combat the bad vibes. It is known to attract prosperity and good energy anywhere in the house where it is located. Popularly believed that when Aloe Vera plant grows and is vital, it is because it is attracting good luck. If this fades it is because it has absorbed the bad energy and has to protected us.