Teruel the province with more beautiful villages in Spain

14 villages integrate the National Club that distinguishes the most charming towns in Spain . Five of them are in the Teruel province

Valderrobres, Albarracín, Calaceite, Rubielos de Mora and Puertomingalvo they all have two elements in common: they are in the province of Teruel and they have the hallmark recognized by «Bonitos de España».

To be declared as «Bonitos de España» ( most beautiful villages in Spain) it does need that the municipality exceeds previously a rigorous selection process, which is responsible the National Association  which is part of an International Federation that has similar entities in Italy, France, Netherlands, Quebec (Canada) and Japan.

It is an independent association, which aims to give value to municipalities of special attraction for tourism.

At the moment, only fifteen Spanish towns have being listed, and for sure many others aspire. Most fail it: 80 per cent of villages candidates do not exceed the selection process and do not achieve this distinction.


Until today , 14 are the villages who hold the title of «Bonitos de España», and five are in the province of Teruel. Valderrobres,  Albarracín,  Calaceite,  Rubielos de Mora and Puertomingalvo, in this select club are also two localities of Almeria (Mojácar and Lucainena de las Torres), other two from Segovia (Ayllon and Maderuelo), one in Soria (Medinaceli), two in Castellon (Peñíscola and Morella), one in Guadalajara (Valverde de los Arroyos) and another one in Granada (Pampaneira).

To obtain this distinction, to be listed as a «Bonitos de España» villages must prove  two essential requirements: that the town has less than 15,000 inhabitants and having a heritage certificate architectural or natural heritage.


But those are only prerequisites there are some other aspects to be considered; the  candidates are facing an audit that measures a wide range of parameters to show the quality of the enclave: cleaning of streets and squares, conservation of the facades, vehicles, or whether or not a place intended for the parking of these, the care of flowers and greenery, the treatment of advertising logos and posters ,…

The  Spanish Association  of the most beautiful villages in Spain has been marked as stop the statement of no more than 150 Spanish municipalities with this distinction.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure .

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